Hops Canvas Art Print - Discontinued

Hops Canvas Art Print - Discontinued

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Inspired by our love of cooking and typography, Kitchen Stories is a collection of six different art prints that feature some of the most popular food and drinks. This one is for the beer drinkers and craft brew lovers. Our 'Hops' print features different varieties of hops used to make some of the tastiest beers out there! Did you also know that you can cook with hop shoots? Yep, it's true! We've also included a fool proof recipe so you can try cooking some yourself! Printed on a thick canvas that can be framed with or without glass to appreciate its unique texture. Our canvas is a lot more durable than a typical art print paper, making it perfect to hold up in your kitchen for years to come. Shipped carefully with tissue and protective padding. 

Size: 8" x 12", 11" x 17"

Material: 350g Matte Canvas


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