CONFIDENCE: we have the ability to question without fear

OBSERVATION: seeing the ideas, brainstorming the details 

MINDFULNESS: rethinking how to think 

CURIOSITY: exploring and experimenting 

HUMILITY: admitting that we might not know everything


ENERGY: keep the momentum until it's perfect

ACTION: done thinking, let's do this!



We gain inspiration from our past, present and how we see our future.  Our inspiration can come from a certain typeface, a simple curiosity or even a funny exchange of words between the two of us.  We always come back to the same mentality- less is more.



The initial design process is our favorite. Not all of our designs are created equal. Some are spontaneous and others we consider for months. At times, we'll dig right in, without measurements or sketches-that means figuring out the kinks along the way, but most are more methodical. With any medium we chose, we stay true to our design values of soft minimalism.



We're not a one trick pony. We don't limit ourselves to one medium. We carefully develop products that fit within a simple criteria: minimal materials or ingredients and quality made with a simplistic approach. We love to explore the relationship between colors, textures, ingredients, materials and typefaces. Our process is a road paved with some mistakes, which turn into learning experiences and then achievements. We question every part of what we do- from the materials we use to how we craft and package each product. This stands throughout our creative process. Everything we do comes back to the spirit of our aesthetic. The details, the little bit of polish, the careful selection of typography or materials is what sets us apart. We constantly test new ideas until we are happy with the final result.  The end effect should be one that causes you to lean forward. It immediately catches your eye, drawing you deeper into the experience.



We consistently push ourselves out of our comfort zone which allows us to grow as individuals, a couple and as a company. We will always have a curiosity to learn, while continuing to design and create. Each of our products and collaborations are carefully considered and curated to deliver an eye-catching result. We take risks. We are not afraid to bend, break and change the rules, we hope to create our own along the way! We're eager for the next step, the next collaboration and the next project!