my e-design process

Tell me about yourself & your space

Good design is all about good and open communication. The more you can tell me about your unique aesthetic, the better I’ll be able to design a space that fits your needs. I even have a style quiz that really helps me out!

Fill out the form and upload your photos!

Step 2

Once i received your request, we’l set up a time for a 30 minute consultation. We discuss your style in depth, what you’re looking to improve on, what you dislike, etc. It’s all about getting to know each-other to see if its a good fit. If you decide to go further, then the next

Step 3

I’ll give you an initial concept board and you tell me if you want to hire me or not.

step 4


Step 5

Final concept board after with one more revision.

Step 6 (optional)

Get the goods. If you need, I’'ll help you with purchases and planning and execution if you need.

I’ll even take advantage of my designer discount at select stores!