Quote about our values

1. Timeless Design & Quality

We design for today, while staying true to the past and timeless for the future. Instead of going with trends, we tend to stick with what will never go out of style. 

We create spaces that can grow with you, instead of growing out of them. And we design our collections with close attention to materials, shapes and subjects that. perfect balance of old, current and new.

We strive to design timeless and long lasting goods. By creating simple pieces that can transition into many sty;es, we hope to minimize the waste. and enjoy for years to come.

2. Inspiration and Creativity

It's important that we nurture and feed our creativity. Taking the time to write, sketch and take walks is all part of

. sometimes it means looking at something totally different the 50th time you've seen it.

3. Never stop learning

We started this business knowing we would have to be savvy in every way we could. That meant brushing up on our old skills and learning to master more. Turning our designs and sketches into a reality is a challenge, especially when working with a new medium. But we've learned that the knowledge behind how something is made is invaluable. It enables us to push boundaries of what's possible, making for a more unique product and forcing us to become better designers.

5. Transparent Practices

Through our constant learning, we've also uncovered some ugly truths about the consumer retail world and specifically it's manufacturing practices. Knowing what we do, we've decided to do things a little differently with our business. We believe that ethical production and responsible manufacturing practices shouldn't be optional. We believe you should know where your products are made, who made them, and what materials were used and why.

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the founders


Quote about us...

Currently residing in Seattle, surrounded by a forest,  Terra and Jacob have a passion for design and business, which is how the company came to be. Terra has a BFA in interior design and loves architecture, design and fashion.  Jacob is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy and has a background in business & production management.  The two met in the Bay Area of California, where Jacob is from, quickly fell in love and decided to start building a life together. They moved to Seattle in 2014, where they started to expand their business and took on the task of remodeling their mid-century modern home.