A Hunter Green and Mint Color Palette - The Seasonal Edit: Winter 2018


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Winter is among us and so is the holiday season, so you know what that means... another seasonal edit! This season, I’m craving some major shades of green, mainly hunter and mint green in particular. I know that it's not a crazy combination for this time of year, although, it may sound like an unlikely color combination to decorate with. The hunter green color is just a darker version of mint, so it's not that much of a stretch. Chances are, you probably already have this look going on in your space if you have a tree, wreath, or some garland.

A Seasonal Winter-Mood-Board - Sea of Hunter Green and Mint Color Palette by The Savvy Heart


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Not only is this color palette of hunter green and mint a beautiful and unusual choice for holiday decor, but it works for every day, too. From clothes to interiors, these two colors not only look good together but if done right, it can create a major wow moment...in the best way possible.

If you're interested in how to achieve this look in your space, stay tuned for my blog post, "Get the look: Decorating with Hunter Green and Mint." I’ll share my favorite inspiration photos and tips on how you can bring this hunter green and mint color palette into your home in a tasteful, modern way.

So what do you think of this look and color combination? Are you into the hunter green and mint together?

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