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How To: A Simple Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Fire Pot

It’s a beautiful summer night, the sun is setting and you’re having dinner with your loved, when you realize you’re getting swarmed by bugs. This happened to Jacob and I way too often, until we made our own firepot with citronella scented fuel! Find out how to make your own in 3 easy steps!

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Perfect Pairings: Our Favorite Concrete Vessel and Air Plant Combinations

Our customers love using our concrete vessels as planters for air plants, and we do too! But, with all the different air plants to choose from, it can quickly become confusing and overwhelming, especially when shopping online. So I've put together a few of our favorite air plant and concrete vessel combinations that are sure to work for you and your space.

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How to: Make a Drainage Hole in a Concrete Planter

Using our concrete vessels for a succulent planter is one of the most popular uses! Like any houseplant, it's important that the plant it has good and efficient drainage.  Since our vessels don't come with a drain hole, follow these three easy steps to make your own drain hole.

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