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5 Tips for Giving the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season

We've all heard the infamous, “I don't need anything” or “I don't want anything” in reply when asking someone what they want for their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion. Don't let that get you down, I have five quick tips that will help you shop for those tricky people on your list.

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A Simple Holiday Table Setting for Fall or Winter

This simple table setting is perfect for any holiday and can easily be customized with different plates, greenery, and accents. For me, it has always been about finding that perfect balance between festive, but not too obnoxious, and with a touch of modern. Let me show you how to create this simple holiday table setting in eight simple steps.

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9 Reasons to Shop Small & Shop Handmade this Holiday Season

You always hear that shopping small and shopping handmade is good, right? But do you even know why?  As a small business owner, I can tell you first hand that the effects of shopping small have an enormous impact on our country and the local community. Let me show you what I mean.

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