Fluted, Ribbed, and Reeded Texture Glass - The Seasonal Edit: Summer 2019


Images via Lion Iron Doors & Quincoses Drago

You know when you see a picture of something, can’t stop thinking about, and then start noticing it everywhere? Yep, file this seasonal edit under that category.

The focus of this summer’s edit is something that I’ve been pinning a bunch of and obsessing over for quite a while…and just may be the inspiration for a couple new products we’ve been working on!

Ready for it?

Ribbed and fluted glass!

If you’re saying to yourself what the heck is that, it’s just a fancy term for a vertically textured glass. Technically called fluted glass, but I’ve also seen it described as ribbed, reeded, and rippled. It has a slightly vintage and architectural feel, and looks perfect when paired with crisp, modern lines!

Images via Glas Italia & Zephyr & Stone

Getting this look in your home isn’t as intimidating as you might think because there are so many ways to go about it! You can either go big and make a statement or use it in a more subtle way with small accessories. Similar to frosted glass, the texture provides privacy while still letting light in, which makes it perfect showers and doors of all types, whether in an office environment or at home.

Thinking smaller and more realistic, you can also get this look with small, everyday essentials like drinking glasses, carafes, flower vases, and even lighting fixtures! Here are a few of my favorite fluted glass accessories:

Summer 2019 Seasonal Edit - Current Trend is Fluted and Ribbed Glass.png

Ribbed, Rippled, and Fluted Glass Home Accessories

from left to right

Rasori Mini Glasses via 1st Dibs | Ripple Carafe via Ferm Living | Fluted Glass Pendant Light via Tudo & Co.

Dearborn Carafe via Fferone | Champagne Flute via Richard Brendon | Ribbed Glass Wastebasket via CB2

Striae Ribbed Glass Flush Mount Light via CB2 | Big Vase via MoMA Design Store | May Ribbed Glasses via 1st Dibs

So what do you think about this fluted glass? Are you a fan, or does it feel a little too vintage for your taste? Personally, I can’t wait to see more of this ribbed texture in both interior design and product design! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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