Flush & Recessed Baseboards -The Minimalist Molding You Need For Your Modern Home


Images via John Maniscalco Architecture & In Trim Mouldings

It’s all about those subtle details when it comes to a minimal and modern home, and one of my favorites is the millwork and moulding. Instead of installing traditional baseboards in a contemporary home, there’s a modern alternative that’s making waves in the design industry, and I think you’re going to love it.

It’s referred to as flush or recessed moulding, but it’s also known as many other names in the construction world, like shadow bead or reveal bead.

So, what is it exactly?

It’s the look of the drywall and molding sitting flush and separated by a perfect, linear gap.

I’ve seen this type of moulding in high-end commercial buildings, but it’s slowing creeping into residential design, too. This barely-there moulding is the perfect complement to a simple color palette and contemporary furniture. 

It’s modern, sleek, and minimal...what’s not to love?

Since Jacob and I have been slowly remodeling our home, little by little, including drywall work...this one particularly piqued my interest. So naturally, I needed to know exactly how to achieve this look and if it’s possible to DIY.

Images via Unknown & B.E. Architecture

How does reveal trim moulding work?

This look is achieved by placing a metal spacer (called a reglet) between the drywall and trim, which creates the sleek divide.

Once the reglet is secured to both the drywall and molding, it gets plastered and painted over to create a seamless look, just like typical drywall.

Is it diyable?

If you’ve done any drywall work of your own, you probably know the process is messy AF to say the least…not to mention it takes a certain level of skill and patience.

From our own experience drywalling, I’d say that DIY’ing this would probably be something to try after you’ve had a little practice with drywall. Simply because you can’t just cover up the drywall with moulding and call it a day. Flush moulding will take a little more patience and skill.

If you’re thinking of hiring out for this look, keep in mind that it might cost more than your typical baseboards because it involves a few more steps and more precision. Ultimately that means more $$$.

Images via Archello & Studio TM

I love how sleek and modern this flush moulding looks, and if I’m being honest, I’m a little bummed we didn’t incorporate this look in our own home!

But as I like to say, “I’ll save it for the next house.” haha!

What do you think about this modern take on molding and baseboards? Have you seen it before or do you have this type of moulding in your home? I’d love to know in the comments!

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