7 Savvy Favorites: Swivel Accent Chairs For A Modern Living Room


Images via Robert Brown Interior Design & Dering Hall

We’ve all been there — endlessly scrolling the internet waiting for the perfect piece of furniture to jump out at you.

Shopping online can be time consuming, tedious, and just outright scary! Not to mention you have to sort through the millions of options available! It’s no wonder why it can be so overwhelming. Where do you even start?

I’ve been sourcing so many pieces of furniture for design projects lately, and thought I would put my research to use and share some of my favorite items I’ve found along the way, hoping to save you a little time and research of your own!

I’m excited to introduce a new, ongoing series called Seven Savvy Favorites, and I’m starting it off with my top picks for living room swivel chairs!

Images via MGBW Home & Kelly Hoppen

I feel like swivel chairs aren’t used too often, and I think it’s a total bummer!  You know the feeling when you’re at a hotel, restaurant, bar, or a friend’s house and discover your chair swivels?! Is it me, or does this make your experience that much more fun?! Maybe it’s my inner child typing… but I don’t think I’m alone on this one.

Other than them being fun to sit in, the real question is, why choose a swivel chair over a normal accent chair?

It’s a personal preference really….but for large, open floor plans, swivel chairs can be more functional than a standard accent chair.

Swivel chairs allow you to see all parts of the room without the annoyance of having to turn completely around. Ahhh, the little things… am I right? But in all seriousness, if you’re going to take time and money to redesign your living room, why wouldn’t you want it the most comfortable and functional it can be for you and your guests.

In my previous post, “Contemporary Living Room eDesign - Get The Look,” I used four swivel chairs around a coffee table creating a new entertaining area in the living room. It worked perfectly in that space because there were multiple focal points in the room, including a baby grand piano and tons of windows. Opting for swivel chairs in that space allowed for people to see everything while maintaining their comfort.

Savvy Tip!

When planning and measuring your space for swivel chairs, calculate the diameter for the chair and make sure you have enough space for it to  swivel around 360 degrees.

7 Swivel Accent Chairs for your Modern Living Room by The Savvy Heart.png

Shop These Seven Swivel Chairs

Left to right

Benson Swivel Club Chair via One Kings Lane | Italian Shelter Arm Swivel Chair via Restoration Hardware | Carlyn Swivel Glider Chair via One Kings Lane | Renzo Leather Swivel Chair via Restoration Hardware | Crescent Swivel Chair via West Elm | Shaw Swivel Chair via One Kings Lane | Drew Swivel Chair via Restoration Hardware

There you have it, my seven favorite swivel accent chairs! So what you think about this round up of chairs for your living room? I hope this post helps saves you time from endlessly scrolling and shopping for a swivel chair of your own! I’d love to know which one’s is your favorite in the comments below! And if you have any requests for posts similar to this one, or something totally different, I’d love to hear!

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