The Top 3 Questions About our Concrete Vessels, Answered

Top 3 Questions about our Concrete Vessels, Answered

It's been a little over a year since the launch of our new concrete collection back in 2017, and since then, we've been hustling to fulfill orders, and are simply blessed by all the positive feedback about the line. If there's one thing I enjoy most, it's having face-to-face interaction with our customers.

Funny to say as an online business owner, right?

Since we are mostly online, having face-to face-interaction with our customers is something that doesn't really happen. But the truth is, we seriously love being able to be in front of our customers and it's why we started vending at so many local events in our area. 

We love hearing what you like and dislike, why it caught your attention, and what you'll use the vessel(s) for.  But, if there's one thing that has stuck out in Jacob and I's mind while talking with our customers, it is the questions we get asked about them. As much as I think we try to explain everything thoroughly, sometime's we might forget talk about one thing or another, or sometimes it's just saying it over again, in case someone missed it. 

So if you've ever had questions about our concrete vessel collection, this post is (hopefully) just for you.

Here are the three most common questions we get asked about our concrete vessels.


1 | What's it made of?

Concrete! Our unique blend makes it look like anything but concrete because of its smooth texture, and that's just the way we like it. Unique materials such as recycled marble and dye are added to achieve it's luxuriously soft finish. 

For a look at where we this collection started, check out our blog post "Introducing our New Concrete Collection"


The raw mateirals making up our geometric concrete vessels - The Savvy Heart.jpg

2 | Can you put water in there?

The concrete is finished with a wax sealant, but since concrete has such a naturally porous texture, standing water will soak in over time.

We don't recommend using the vessels for vases, but they work great as planters (with dirt) for succulents, or as an air plant holder.


Are concrete planters and vessels waterproof? The Savvy Heart Creative Design Studio

3 | Is it food safe? 

Concrete it quite a bit of a different material than ceramic, so it's not ideal for all types of food. Our vessels are great for certain types of dry items. Just be aware that any kind of oil may permanently discolor and stain the concrete. 

We usually opt for wrapped candies, nuts, garlic, salt, sugar cubes, etc.  It's not the vessel you'd want to eat chips and dip out of, you know?


Geometric Concrete Salt Cellar Box and Tray in dark gray by the savvy heart.jpg


So there you have it, those are the three most popular questions that we've been asked about our concrete vessels. I hope this post helped some of you online shoppers and now have a little more clarity about our vessels! It's not every day that we get to be in front of our customers and readers, but my goal is to share more about our products and us, inspire you through images and interiors, and teach you little tips and tricks along the way.

Do you have any questions for us? Let me know in the comments below, or of course, feel free to contact us. And if you're in the Seattle area, don't forget to check out where we'll be popping up this fall and winter and shop in person!



Concrete Vessels

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