Perfect Pairings: Our Favorite Concrete Vessel and Air Plant Combinations




If you're anything like me, once summer hits, I'm eager to buy every houseplant, succulent, or bouquet I see. I love how much life a little green can add to your space and make it feel alive, not to mention the actual health benefits of houseplants. But, those beautiful plants aren't always the easiest to take care of; some are super delicate and finicky. And that is why we love air plants so much! They are some of the easiest and simplest plants to care for, at least in our eyes, but we'll touch more on that in a second.

If you've been following for a while, you probably know that we love styling air plants in our concrete vessels. Their subtle green hue compliments the vessel's neutral colors. And the best part? You get greenery and a flower (when it blooms) in one plant. Okay, remember how I said that air plants are one of the easiest plants to take care of? Yes, they require a little love and care, but not much. We mist ours with a small water bottle about three times a week. If you already own a houseplant, then this routine won't be hard to follow. But if you're new, it might take a little extra effort. If you want more information about watering air plants, check out our post "How to Water and Care for Air Plants."

Air plants are easily one of our customers' favorite ways to use our vessels, and we couldn't agree more! But, there are so many varieties and species of air plants that at some point, they all start looking similar. Since we do most of our business online, we know that it can get confusing when shopping for anything, let alone for plants. So I've put together our favorite foolproof air plant and concrete vessel combinations. Whether you buy from us or get an air plant somewhere else, we want to guide you to find the perfect one that will fit in one of our vessels.


Large Vessel


The large vessel is classic and so versatile. When talking air plants, it works best with one that is a little wider or bushier than others. It can accommodate air plants about 5-7" in diameter, depending on the height. Since our large vessel is only a couple of inches deep, it's key to look for air plants that are wide, but also on the shorter side. If you choose a small plant, you can fill any voids with some decorative rocks or sand.

One of our favorite go-to air plants is xerographica. It doesn't require any rocks or sand to keep it in place, and it's curly leaves beautifully spill over the sides of the vessel. You can also pair two or three air plants together, depending on the size. Just make sure that you have enough room around them to breathe and grow.


from left to right:

Xerographica | Capitata Peach | Houston Cotton Candy


Side sitting Vessel


Our side sitting vessel is the most popular pick for air plants because it's unique shape and angle fits most plants perfectly.

Any small to medium size air plant can work, but it's vital to look for a plant that is wider at the top than the bottom. The vessel is rather deep, and you don't want any leaves to be stuck or forced into it, so look for air plants that are about 3-4 inches wide and at least 3-4 inches tall.

One of our favorite combinations with the side sitting vessel is the harrisii  or capitata peach, which leaves turn peach when it is about to bloom or if it's subject to direct sun. Both leaves of the plant grow upward, not out, so they slide into the vessel nicely without any fuss.


from left to right:

Harrisii | Capitata Peach | Small Xerographica

Mini Vessel


The mini vessel is the newest member of the concrete collection, and it's quickly becoming our favorite. Its small shape is ideal for air plants that are tall and skinny like a velickana or brachycaulos.  It also looks great styled with a slim harrisi or other plants that grow in an upward fashion. Remember to look for tall and slender air plants that are about two inches wide.

Just like with the large vessel, small decorative rocks or sand can help keep the air plant propped up and in place if it seems to wiggle around.


from left to right:

Harrisii | VelickinanaBrachycaulos


Air plants are one of our favorite ways to style our concrete vessels, not just because they are easy to maintain, but because they beautiful green hue is a perfect complement to the concrete.  What is your favorite air plant and concrete vessel combination? Share yours with me in the comments below, and I'll let you know what my favorite combo is too!

If your shopping online with us, please keep in mind that our inventory of air plants can vary week by week, depending on the local events we have going on. If you're looking for something in particular, send us an email, and we'll help you out the best we can!  Click the links below to shop the air plants and concrete vessels, or check out our event calendar for local events!




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