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Spring is supposed to be in full effect, but it seems as if it's still hiding from us, at least here in Seattle. Either way, my body knows spring is here because the cleaning and organizing has officially started. Room by room, Jacob and I are clearing the clutter and making a massive pile for a yard sale once the weather cooperates. There's something to be said about a clean and clutter-free space that allows ideas to flow better... at least for me. Something about a fresh blank slate makes me feel like my mind can take on new ideas a little bit easier. 

While cleaning out our office the other day, I came across a couple of boxes full of inspiration photos that I either clipped or printed out and, at that moment, it just hit me. Seeing as it was just the first day of Spring, I thought I would start a new seasonal blog series revolving around all my current obsessions for that season. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I know I will! I've been contemplating about what content I can make on a regular basis that gets my creative juices flowing, ideas out of my head, and is easy enough to do in between more time-consuming content. And as a bonus, hopefully, you can get a peek into what's going on in my brain at the moment.

I don't have a set structure for this "mood-board" yet, but I'm going to call it The Edit. Bear with me for the first couple of ones while I get a good rhythm going, but expect it to be a mix of colors, photos, textures, patterns, art, furniture, and products. 

So let's get into it- here is The Edit for Spring 2018.



IMAGES (top to bottom)

1| 'hell' by Conrad jon godly     

2|  tumblr     

3|  sf girl by bay     

4|  instagram @siystudio

5|  mushroom by  DONNA TURNER RUHLMAN     

6|  pinterest 

7| a picture a day


Colors: Cream, White, Nude, Beige | Natural elements | Soft lines | Dried grasses and botanicals | Major Texture

For this spring's mood, I was initially inspired by a few dried botanicals and grasses that I have been eyeing at a couple of shops around town. I almost always have to urge to get fresh flowers this time of year, but I kept thinking about these dried grasses. 
I love how the grasses have simple shades of cream and beige, but what I love even more is the texture! So much good texture! Plus, the subtle contrast between the colors feels fresh and clean, which is fitting for the springtime, right?

To get the look in your own home, snag some dried grasses and place them in a tall, clear glass vase. Here are a few of my favorites: 


What are you guys feeling for spring? Are you a fan of all of the whites and creams together? If so and you're looking for more inspiration, find us on Pinterest (@thesavvyheart) and check out our Spring '18 board dedicated to this exact vibe. 

Oh, and one more this whole spring edit/mood-board even something you're interested in seeing more of? Let me know in the comments section below.

Either way, I'm excited to finally be making more content again while getting some ideas out of my head, whatever that may be. 

I can't wait to share more!


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