Q & A: Meet the Founders, Jacob & Terra



This is something we've been wanting to do for a long time. Get in front of the camera so you can get to know us better. Over the past three years we've had our business, it seems like no matter what, we are constantly asked the same questions. Whether its customers, retailers or filling out applications for trade shows and pop up markets. So we've gathered up fourteen quick questions so you can get to know The Savvy Heart as well as Jacob and I, a little better.

1| Who are you? Introduce yourselves. 

Terra: We are Terra and Jacob, the co-founders of The Savvy Heart

2| What is The Savvy Heart?

Terra: The Savvy Heart is a creative design studio based in Seattle, WA. We have an ever evolving collection of goods and are all about simple and timeless design.  

3|  How long have you been in business?

Jacob: Since 2014, although, what we do now is a lot different than how we started.

4| How did The Savvy Heart get started?

Terra: I started making jewelry for myself shortly after Jacob and I met.  With his business oriented mind, we decided to take a go at a local craft market in California. We surprised ourselves and did really well. I don't know if we were starting a business back then, but once we started making money we took it a little more serious.

5| How did The Savvy Heart get its name?

Terra: It was kind of random, kind of not. We toyed with a bunch of names and I just decided on it one night. The longer we are in business, the name is seriously a perfect fit. Since we're a small business, we just need to try to be savvy in every way we can and we have had no choice but to pour our entire heart into this business. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

6| Who does what?

Terra: I'm usually the creative one handling all the graphics, photos, product designs and development and more. I pretty make everything beautiful from the website to the photos as well as most of the blog posts and videos. Jacob takes care of the technical tasks like bookkeeping, finances and also is in charge of our wholesale accounts. We're lucky to have such a great balance.

7| What is your inspiration?

Terra: I love architecture, shapes, lines, symmetry and balance. Something about a clean palette has always intrigued me. 

8| Do you have a motto you live by?

Terra: I think over the years I've learned that less is more

Jacob: Go big or go home

9| What do you find most enjoyable about the business?

Jacob: Just seeing where and how the company has grown. It's fun to look back and see the leaps we've taken to be where we are today.

Terra: I think the most enjoyable part is taking a design and making it a physical product. I love the designing part, but seeing that design become an actual physical thing is so much better.  I feel like I stare at sketches and prototypes so much that by the time we get the physical product, it's so worth it.

10| What's it like working with your significant other?

Terra: We've always worked really well together, even from our very first local market. Like I said, it's a good balance. We don't have many disagreements these days, it's pretty smooth sailing. Since we know each-other on a deeper level, I think it's easier to solve problems quicker and nip them in the bud before it develops into something bigger.

11| What is a typical workday like?

Jacob: We usually start the day with our normal coffee and chai latte routine.

Terra: From there we are usually focusing on the three biggest tasks of the day.

12| What does a day off look like?

Terra: We are either being completely lazy or working on remodeling our house.  When we have the extra energy we will work on the house, but most of the time we are doing something for the business. It never sneaks too far away from us.

13| What's one thing you admire about each other?

Jacob: Terra is always thinking about something related to the business. 

Terra: Jacob is so patient, practical and understanding.

14| What's the future for The Savvy Heart?

Jacob: I'd like to see The Savvy Heart with multiple brick and mortar locations as well as multiple product lines.

Terra: Definitely more products, more videos, and more content. We're really working on showing more face and just getting our products into more stores.