Tips and Tricks for Planting and Caring for Succulents


Getting Started

Summer is quickly approaching and nothing says summer like adding a little green to your home after the dry, dead winter. Subtle hints of green around the house can brighten up your day more than you may realize. While anytime is a great time for gardening, this may be one of the best. Here's why.

Since we just recently launched our new and recreated concrete collection, one of the best uses, and one of my personal favorites, is a small planter.

Gardening of any kind can be challenging, to say the least, however, with a little practice under your belt, you may find you are not the anti-green thumb you always thought you were. Here we hope to guide you in the right direction with some tips and tricks for planting and caring for succulents whether you are a professional gardener, or a plant's nemesis.

How to Correctly Plant Succulents 

Whether you are using one of our new concrete dishes or a planter of your own, one important detail to be aware of is your planter's drain hole. A drain hole lets water escape from the bottom of the planter so the plants don't drown.  your planter doesn't have one? Not a problem, neither do ours.

You can create your own drainage system by adding a couple medium sized rocks to the bottom of your planter along with several small ones. The idea here is to leave enough room for any water going into the soil, to come out of the soil. Succulents shouldn't have wet roots.

 The Savvy Heart new concrete dish in "Dark Gray."
 The Savvy Heart new concrete dish in "Dark Gray" with stones for drainage system.


The steps after drainage are pretty easy and they go a little something like this:

  1. Turn the succulent upside down and pull off its disposable pot gently.
  2. Take the excess dirt off of roots. The soil they are planted in when you buy them is typically very rich and tends to hold a lot of moisture. Not a good thing, considering succulents and cacti love dry climates.
  3. Cover rocks with a layer of the succulent mix - a mix of sterile potting soil, pumice and crushed granite. A special mixture like this is the key for good drainage and you can easily be found at your local nursery.
  4. Place the roots of the succulent into the concrete dish or planter and fill the rest of the dish with succulent potting mix.

  5. Use a soft brush to brush any dirt off of the plant

  6. Top the mix with gravel or small, decorative stones of your choice to give it a pretty, finished look.


Tips for Caring for Succulents

Caring for succulents is not something to lose sleep over. Succulents usually only require about half a day of sunlight so putting the plants on a window sill usually does the trick.

As for watering, you should water the soil until it is noticeably saturated, and then do not water again until it is completely dry. These are dessert plans so the care taking on your end is quite minimal. 

Tips for Designing A Succulent Garden

While planting and caring for succulents may be a challenge on its own, designing succulents may seem to present an even greater challenge. However, this could just be your favorite part. One succulent on its own may be perfect the way it is, but you can add a whole new dimension to your decor by creating a succulent garden.

A succulent garden can be made up of few materials. Get yourself a large planter pot and a few succulents in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures.  You can go about planting them the same way as before, but start by placing the largest succulent in the center of the pot and plant the smaller ones around it any way you fancy. Ta-dah! You have yourself your own DIY home decor.


If you didn't think you were very plant savvy you may feel a little different after you give this succulent DIY a try. The steps for planting the succulents are pretty simple and the tips for caring are even simpler. In no time, you will have your own personal gorgeous green house. Be on the look out for near by nurseries so you can pick up your own succulents and give your home a new summer make over.

For any further questions, shoot us an email at and also take pictures of your own creations and tag us on Instagram! (@thesavvyheart)