Father's Day Gift Guide + Easy DIY Gift Ideas

You guessed it. It is the time of year again to show appreciation for our wonderful fathers, but I know what you're thinking. What the heck do I buy! Fortunately for you, this year we have your back.  We know what a pain it can be to get the perfect gift for dad. This gift guide will make it a no brainer.

As far as where to start, we hope to make it simple for you. There are two easy options for finding the perfect gift. The first is buying something simple that every guy would love, or melting his heart with memories and fun outings that won't break your wallet. Either way, you are bound to find that perfect gift  this Father's Day.

Father's Day Gift Guide

We wanted to make this Father's day a year of classics. The awesome part about classics is that they are timeless. You can't go wrong with these eight ideas. There is a variety for all different types of dads. Pick your favorites and customize them to whatever works best for you, but let's first get you started.

  1. Hops Canvas Art Print:  This is one of our prints from the Kitchen Stories collection and looks great in a bar as well. This features different types of hops for all of your dad's favorite brews.
  2. Crosley Messenger Portable Vinyl Record Player: Your classic dad is going to love this one. Simple and easy to travel with, he can listen to his records any time, any place.
  3. J. Crew Watch: Sutble, stylish, and pretty classic.  The clock is simple yet very vintage, perfect for the guy in your life! What can I say, he's gotta know the time.
  4. Father's Day Greeting Card: This is perfect for that dad that loves his jokes! Pair this card with a hand written poem or a gift card to his favorite restaurant.
  5. Horchow Major 50FX Headphones: Premium sound for a premium guy. Plus, it comes with a nice sleek travel bag and who wouldn't like that?
  6. You're Awesome Greeting Card: You have a dad with a sense of humor? This is your go-to. This card is great to pair with a gift card and maybe even scribble in some of his favorite dad jokes.
  7. UltraLinx Cord Holder: This is so simple and perfect for the on-the-go dad. This leather case holds two wall plugins and two cords. Make his trips to work speedy and organized.
  8. Icosahedron Concrete Dish: This is one of our favorites. These concrete dishes are great for storage. They work fabulously in offices, kitchens, and are even great for those classic dads that love their cigars.

Easy DIY Gift Ideas for Father's Day

We have covered a lot of ideas so far that could work for almost any guy out there, but we know the key to any dad's heart is a loving gesture and we don't want you to pass up your opportunity. Luckily, we still have a few more tricks up our sleeve for you. These are great if you aren't looking to spend any mula and just want to show him all your love. But, they are also great paired with one of our gift ideas from above. It's all about customization!

  1. Write him a letter reflecting on lessons he has taught you or memories you will never forget. It may seem a little too simple but do not be surprised when he ends up in tears! Some of your memories he may not even remember but the fact that you do says something.
  2. Take him out for go carting and ice cream. Taking the time out of your busy lifestyle to spend time together says a lot on its own and if anyone understands that it is your dad. Plus, how could he resist go carting and ice cream?
  3. For the adult readers, take dad out to a new brewery. There are a lot of great beers out there, take him to try a new one. you will have a blast and trust me, dad will enjoy the beer.

Father's Day can always be somewhat tough, and the dread that comes with finding a great gift can be exhausting. We hope that this guide eases some of that stress so you can have the best day with your dad and leave the anxiety for another time.

Make the day count in which ever way you choose and send us pictures of your father's day gift! Also feel free to ask any questions at hello@thesavvyheart.com