Introducing our New Concrete Collection


Our popular concrete vessels just got an upgrade! Welcome version 2.0

We started making our concrete designs about a year and a half ago. And like everything we do, there is a ton of trial and error that goes into it. A lot of figuring things out. A lot of learning and a lot of admitting we don't know how to do everything. But that's why we call ourselves Savvy. We just figure it out. It might take a while but, sooner or later we'll understand the in's and out's of what we're trying to do.

There were a couple of changes we wanted to make to our existing collection. One being to make all the walls thinner, meaning more space for your knickknacks and larger succulents. Because the bigger the succulent, the better, right? We also wanted different colors for our customers to choose from. And lastly, we wanted to change the texture of the concrete. Our old collection was a little more rustic and rough-looking. Kind of like concrete....go figure.

Something about such an industrial material like concrete being manipulated to make something beautiful and beyond its traditional use has always intrigued me. So over the past year, we have brainstormed new ways to produce our concrete collection. We were continuously playing around with new mixtures, different types of concrete and cement, additives and shapes.

We wanted our new concrete collection to look like anything but concrete.


out with the old ...

out with the old....

... in with the new

.... in with the new

These concrete dishes are inspired by an icosahedron. We crafted it into a functional and beautiful vessel while keeping true to the modern geometric design.

The design still remains modern, but with an added touch of sleek and sexy. The shape was inspired by the geometric icosahedron. What the heck is an icosahedron, you ask? An icosahedron is a polyhedron made up of twenty triangles. The name itself means twenty seats in Greek.

The new collection was made with a unique mix of concrete, marble dust, water, and pigment. The marble dust helps to withstand everyday wear and tear and makes for a beautifully smooth surface and luxurious touch.

You'll think you're feeling anything but concrete.

The walls of these vessels are much thinner than our original design and we now can offer you three different colors to choose from! Dark gray, natural and white. Yes, white! Need I say more?


So now that you know what's different about our new 2.0 designs, let's talk about how to properly care for your concrete vessel.

Keep in mind that even though you can plant a small succulent in the vessel, that doesn't mean that they are fully waterproof. So think twice before getting it completely wet. If you are thinking of planting a succulent, please be aware that there is no drain hole. So plant those plant babies correctly with a bed of drainage rocks at the bottom.

And, as always, please contact us if you have any questions about your vessel.

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