Gift Guide: 7 Modern Gift Pairings for Everyone on Your List

Gift Guide: 7 Modern Gift Pairings for Everyone on Your List by The Savvy Heart

The holidays are quickly approaching and everyone knows what that means, it's time to start holiday shopping! With all the people on your shopping list, there is bound to be a couple of people that are difficult to shop for. Maybe you have to buy a gift for someone you hardly know, or a gift for a holiday office party. This type of gifiting can be especially tricky if you don't really know the recipient. 

In any case, having a few great gift ideas in your back pocket is the key to never getting stumped.  I've put together seven modern gift pairings that are perfect for every adult on your list, all under $75. The best part? You can split them up into individual gifts, or make one complete gift that is sure to impress.

 7 Holiday Gift Pairings for everyone on your list by The Savvy Heart

1. Wine Sampler + Vino Art Print

Good for: him or her, wife or girlfriend, wine lovers, host or hostess

A bottle of wine might seem like an easy gift around the holidays. But, for that special someone on your list that loves wine... step it up a notch this year and pair it up with the Vino canvas art print that any wine drinker is sure to love. 

Wine Sample via Amazon | $45

Vino Art Print via The Savvy Heart | $18+


2. Side Sitting Vessel + Harrisii Air Plant

Good for: him or her, friends or family, plant lovers, teachers, co-workers

This pairing is a good choice for just about anyone on your list. Don't let the air plant fool you, even if your recipient doesn't have a green thumb, air plants are simple and easy to care for.  Pair it with the side-sitting concrete vessel for the perfect complement to any table or shelf in the house.

Side-Sitting Vessel via The Savvy Heart | $36

Harrisii Air Plant via The Savvy Heart | $6


3. Hops Art Print + A few favorite craft beers

Good for: him or her, beer lovers, husband or boyfriend, friends or family

Do you have a beer fanatic in the family? Probably so. Pair a few of your favorite craft beers with the Hops art print for a unique gift that any beer lover would enjoy. This art print is printed on a unique canvas and highlights different types of hops used in beer making and looks great framed in a kitchen, bar or man cave. 

Hops Art Print via The Savvy Heart | $18+

Tripel Beer via Amazon | $9.99


4. Concrete Vessel + Chocolate

Good for: him or her, host or hostess, teachers, students, co-workers

Chocolate is always a good idea, right? Even better when it comes in a unique container that they can keep for years to come.  This gift is easy to put together and can be customized with different kinds of sweet treats. For a simple and casual present, stick some chocolate in the concrete vessel and tie a bow around it.

Concrete Vessel via The Savvy Heart | $42

Chocolate via Amazon | $15.31


5. Medusa Air Plant +  Glass Terrarium

good for: him or her, teachers, host or hostess, friends or family, co-workers, students

The medusa air plant is a major customer favorite.  Pair this curly air plant(s) with a glass terrarium that can be customized with different colors of sand or rocks at the bottom.  

Medusa Air Plant via The Savvy Heart | $6

Glass Terrarium via Amazon | $21.99


6. Coffee Art Print + Cold Brew Maker

Good for: him or her, coffee lovers, teachers, students

Cold brew has been all the rage over the past couple of years, so a cold brew maker is sure not to disappoint.  If your recipient is a total caffeine addict, pair it with the coffee art print for the ultimate coffee lovers gift. Perfect for new homeowners, students, teachers or anyone who loves a good cup of Joe. 

Coffee Art Print via The Savvy Heart | $18+

Cold Brew Coffee Maker via Amazon | $23.95


7. Concrete Tray + Piece of Jewelry

Good for: girlfriend or wife, friends or family

Everyone needs a place to store their personal belongings, especially small trinkets and jewelry.  This concrete tray is perfect to hold all the little things in life, and with three color options, it's suitable for men and women.  Gift this tray up with a piece of jewelry if you're looking to win some extra brownie points.

Concrete Tray via The Savvy Heart | $28

Diamond Ring via Etsy | $15

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