New: The Must Have Art Prints for Your Kitchen and Bar


Ignite a spark in your inner chef and give your kitchen a serious boost of style while expanding your culinary knowledge.

Get inspired with our new art print collection, Kitchen Stories.



Kitchen Stories // a collection of prints for one who enjoys a proper drink, a good meal and a slice of knowledge.


How many times have you been in the kitchen and maybe wondered what temperature a medium-rare steak should be? Or maybe you're questioning if you should drink that bottle of syrah that has been on the counter for the last week? If you had our Vino print, you would have known that you probably should have consumed it within the first five days. Who are we to judge? We would have drunk it too. But seriously? How are you supposed to remember this stuff?  I'm all about continuously learning, but I find something so annoying about always having to run to google or ask Alexa when I don't know something. That's one of the best things about the Kitchen Stories Collection. They are not only beautiful but they are also informative with special tips, serving suggestions, recipes and more!

Kitchen Stories is available for pre-order starting today! Some of you might be familiar with these prints and have seen them before. The collection has expanded from three prints to six! We've added four new typography art prints with even more uniquely clever tips and tricks. 

This collection of prints will make a statement in your kitchen or bar with their unique material. Printed on a thick, 350g matte giclee canvas for extra durability and a subtle hint of texture, which enhances the classic and modern type. Our canvas tends to hold up remarkably better than a traditional art paper does, especially in hot conditions like the kitchen. And unlike traditional art prints, the thick, matte canvas we use opens up many options when thinking about how you want to style and hang it!  The print can be framed normal or framed without glass, if you want to highlight the texture.  It could also be tacked, pinned, taped, clipped or whatever else you can think up! Whichever way you decide to style your prints, we recommend that you protect it with glass if it's going to be near water, steam, grease, or anything else that might damage it.