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About the Savvy heart


"At The Savvy Heart, we have a passion for designing timeless interior goods and gifts made from simple materials."


The Savvy Heart is a creative design studio offering a collection of interior goods and gifts inspired by timeless design, clean lines, and neutral colors. Our ever-evolving collection explores the relationship of lines, shapes, and space through two-dimensional type and three-dimensional objects. 




ABout us

Our Story


We're Terra and Jacob, the co-founders of The Savvy Heart. We're friends, business partners, and engaged to be married. 

The Savvy Heart initially began in 2014 as an outlet for Terra's creativity and Jacob's passion for business. We started designing and selling a small collection of jewelry across Northern California, and from there, The Savvy Heart slowly expanded into multiple product lines. 

After relocating to Seattle, we decided to simplify our collection. With Terra's background in interior design, we focused in on designing interior goods that blended our style as a couple.

Today, The Savvy Heart is a creative design studio, brand, blog, and YouTube channel. Our products can be found at various stores across the country, and we've been fortunate enough to have been featured in multiple publications like GQ, My Domaine, and The Seattle Times.




"We believe good design is simple, timeless,
and is the perfect fusion of masculine and feminine.
We believe it should withstand trends
and blend effortlessly with your style for years to come. "


-Terra Link, Co-founder of The Savvy Heart


Our values

What we believe in


I. Timeless Design

We strive to design goods that can withstand trends and get better over time. We regularly draw inspiration from the past and use modern techniques and machines to help create products that will last for years to come.


II. Inspiration

We can find inspiration just about anywhere. We are continually inspired by modern architecture, contemporary art, lines, and geometry, just as much as the organic shapes found in nature.

III. Quality

We take into consideration the use of responsible materials and ethical manufacturing processes when designing each product. In areas outside our expertise or capabilities, we value the lasting relationships we maintain with other small businesses around the country and utilize their mastered skills and techniques, yielding a beautiful, authentic finished product.

IV. Knowledge

Never stop learning has been a motto from day one. Once we experiment with a material or understand the ins and outs of a process, we can begin to push the boundaries of a design. Continuously learning has forced us to become better designers and ultimately makes the final product more unique.  
















Our Approach


Our products are the outcome of a long process which begins with initial sketches and technical drawings. We mindfully combine old-school techniques with new technology to craft various prototypes and products.

No matter what medium a product may take, we stay true to our values of timeless design and choose neutral colors that compliment the simplistic materials used. 





The Collection


Ready to see what we're all about? Start by exploring our ever-evolving collection of interior goods and gifts. 



Our Portfolio


Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with companies and individuals on a variety of custom projects.





The Blog


Expect to find inspiration, more about The Savvy Heart, design talk, how-to's, videos and more.